Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.


Standing Committees

Committee Chair Local Organization E-mail Address
Aspiring Professional Ericka Turner Woodford County
Bylaws Debrah Pierce Member At Large
Finance Brenda D. Gunn Member At Large
Issues Management / Legislation Sherita Jones
Beth Fiss
Membership / Mentoring Becky Barrick
Janis Turner
Professional Development Peggy Orberson Heritage
Public Relations Donna Slaton Hopkins County 

Special Committees & Task Forces

Interim Board ContactsHopkinsville

Committee Chair Local Organization E-mail Address
Awards Revitalization Peggy Orberson
Kim Fritz
Mimi Becker
Diane Croney-Turner
Ginny White-Schatzke
Springfield, Inc.
Springfield, Inc.
Kentucky Foundation Board of Trustees Wanda Crowe Hopkins County
Database Manager Patti Fallin Hopkins County
Expansion Task Force Becky Barrick
Janis Turner
FaceBook Administrators Sarah Burns
Cathy Hughes
Springfield, Inc.
Internal Auditor Megan Damron Somerset
Kentucky Cardinal Editor Patti Fallin Hopkins County
Kentucky Professional Women’s Week Sarah Burns Springfield
Legal Advisor Marilyn Neumann Campbellsville
Nominations Brenda Baker Heritage
State Convention Co-Contacts To be determined    
Website Patti Fallin Hopkins County