Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.

Membership Award

The Overall Membership Award will be given to the local organization that best demonstrates an overall membership campaign by carrying out the 6 Keys to Unlocking Powerful Locals Membership Plan during the year and has the most total Key points by April 30, 2025.  The local organization achieving Second Place (second in total points) will receive a certificate of achievement and all local organizations will receive a recognition certificate if it fulfills at least ONE task in all six of the KEYS.  The local president or chair of the local Membership Committee is responsible for reporting this information to the KFBPW Membership Chair Margaret Goatley.

Criteria and score sheets for individual club awards have been developed to assist in submitting reports.  

The Membership Percentage Increase Award will be presented to the local organization that demonstrates the highest percentage increase from the 2023-2024 year, keeping in mind that the cutoff date will be May 31, 2025. 

Super Recruiter Awards will be presented to any members who have recruited five or more new members during the year. The local president or local Membership chair is responsible for reporting this information to the KFBPW Membership Committee.  Forms are provided on the KFBPW Website on the Downloads page under the Forms section.

Submit to:, Membership Chair

(Also copy the state President on your submittal –

Submission deadline: May 19, 2025