Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.

The Mentor Award

Local Organization Award

An award will be presented at the State Convention in 2016 to recognize the Local Organization with the best mentoring program for the year. Information should include a synopsis of the overall program and techniques.

Individual Award

A Mentor of the Year Award will be given to a Kentucky Federation member who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to mentoring. The purpose of the Mentor Award is to identify and recognize Kentucky Federation members who contribute to the growth and development of the other Federation members.

This award is given each year to recognize a Kentucky Federation member for outstanding service, for living the Federation philosophy of “Women Helping Women,” for serving as a role model, and for making a difference. All nominations are independently judged. All nominees will be recognized; however, only one mentor award will be given at the State Conference.


  1. Both the mentor and the person submitting the nomination must be Kentucky Federation members in good standing.
  2. A mentor can only win the award one time, but may be nominated more than once.

Those making a nomination are asked to reply to the following questions:

  1. How has this Mentor nominee made you a better Kentucky Federation member?
  2. Why are you a better person or more successful because of this person?
  3. Why do you think this person deserves to be honored as a Mentor?
  4. Tell your Mentor’s KFBPW history, i.e.; offices held, awards, etc.
  5. In a summary paragraph, you may make other comments and include any information you feel is pertinent to the nomination.

Submit to: Brenda Baker, Mentoring Chair

Submission deadline: May 19, 2017