Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.



The Kentucky Business and Professional Women’s Foundation was established in May 1984 by the Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. (KFBPW). The mission of the Kentucky Federation is to promote full participation, equity and economic self-sufficiency for women. The focus of this foundation is to prepare workers for the challenges of the future and to enhance the economic development of the Commonwealth by increasing the educational level of Kentucky’s workforce.


The Kentucky Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is a non-profit, charitable and educational foundation. The funds of Kentucky Foundation are separate from the money held by the Business and Professional Women of Kentucky Federation (KFBPW). The Foundation is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Kentucky Federation President with approval of the Executive Committee. Each term on the Board of Trustees is for three years. The board members rotate, with two or three members being replaced each year. Each board member is limited to serve only two consecutive terms. The Kentucky Federation President is a Board member for the year of her presidency.

The funding of the Kentucky Foundation is provided by:

  • Members of Kentucky Federation Business and Professional Women
  • Local organizations of KFBPW
  • Memorials, annuities, and honorariums
  • Business or other organizations
  • Promise Campaign
  • Interim Board and State Conference Fund Raising Events

Who is Eligible:


  • Citizen of Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Currently in or planning a career in the Kentucky workforce
  • Attending school, college, institution/organization or not-for-profit entity
  • Complete the grant application form, with requested additional information provided
  • * Individual applicants may receive a grant only once every 24 months


  • Provide training programs to Kentucky workforce
  • Conduct research related to labor market trends/issues related to Kentucky business or industry
  • Complete the grant application form for groups, with requested additional information provided

What Programs are Eligible:

  • Academic programs for non-traditional students
  • Training for re-entering the workforce, upgrading work skills or career changes
  • Job-related seminars, workshops or continuing education programs
  • Educational programs, which increase the number of public leadership positions
  • Literacy or GED programs
  • Research relating to labor market trends/issues facing Kentucky business or industry

When You May apply:

  • Deadlines are April 30 & October 15 for postmark of the application
  • One copy of the application, along with one copy of accompanying information, should be sent to Scholarship Chair Brooke Archila.

How Grants are Approved:

  • Completed grant applications (with appropriate additional information) can be mailed to Scholarship Chair Brooke Archila (email her at
  • Communication Workshop/Seminar Applications are to be mailed/e-mailed to the Foundation Chair Diane Croney-Turner (email her at
  • Committee members meet twice yearly to review applications and award scholarships. A 30-day processing timeline follows after the application deadline.
  • Applicants will be notified after 30 days following the deadlines of April 30 & October 15. Notice of amount awarded and notice of denial of award will be sent to all applicants at the address on his/her application.

Kentucky Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Board of Trustees – 2022-2023

Position Member Local Club E-mail Address
Chair (Exp. 2023, 1) Diane Croney-Turner Hopkinsville
Recording Secretary (Exp. 2024, 1) Nena Matheny Hopkins County
Treasurer (Exp. 2023, 2) Donna Howard Woodford County
Scholarship Chair (Exp. 2025, 2) Brooke Archila Hopkins County
(Exp. 2025, 1) Patti Fallin Hopkins County
(Exp. 2025, 1) Amanda Ishmael Licking Valley
(Exp. 2024, 2) Peggy Orberson Heritage
(Exp. 2024, 1) Joanna Harness Somerset
(Exp. 2023, EC) Ginny White Schatzke Springfield, Inc.