Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.

Issues Management / Legislation Award

The criteria for the Issues Management/Legislative Award will focus on implementation of programming that reflects the combined priorities of the local organization’s membership and the program areas of Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.  A point system score sheet has been developed to submit the report.  Please attach supporting documentation in a Word document format giving descriptions of events, dates, and other details by category heading or document information in comment section by the line item on the score sheet. 

An award will be presented to the local organization that most effectively implemented programs covering the focus areas:

  • Political Action
  • Economic Issues
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • Community Involvement
  • Training and Development

Submit to: Dianne Simms, Issues Management/Legislation Chair

(Also copy the state President on your submittal –

Submission deadline: May 22. 2020